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Just F#cking Color It! – A Swear Word Coloring Book for Adults | Coloring Book

Unleash your inner badass with this unique coloring book for adults! With 50 pages of stunning floral designs, each adorned with a carefully crafted expletive, this book combines beauty and vulgarity for a hilarious and therapeutic experience. Perfect for stress relief, coloring enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates a good swear word.

Our Happy Customers!

These coloring books are amazing! After a long day, it’s the perfect way to unwind and relax. The designs are intricate without being overwhelming, and I love all the different themes.

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Martin Smith

My kids can’t get enough of these coloring books. They keep them busy for hours, and I love that they’re being creative instead of glued to a screen. The variety of themes means there’s something for everyone.

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Shelly Barns

I never thought I’d be into coloring, but these books have ignited my creative side! The detailed patterns inspire me to experiment with different colors and techniques. It’s a surprisingly satisfying hobby.

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Jacob Luke



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